Yacht Eleanor's Long Cruise

New York Times

Mrs. James W. Martinez-Cardeza's steam yacht Eleanor has been prepared at Tebo's basin, South Brooklyn, for another of the many long voyages she has made during the six years of her existence, and will probably sail within a wek [sic] or ten days for Europe. Mrs. Cardeza, whose exploits as a sportswoman are well known, will have a party of guests aboard, including her son, C. [sic] D. M. Cardeza, John J. Slater, and Robert Crezett, her secretary. Paris will be visited after a brief Mediterranean cruise, and later it is intended to sail along the African coast, disembarking at several points for hunting expeditions into the interior. It is possible that the itinerary may be extended to include a visit to India, China, and Japan before the return to America.

The Eleanor, which was built for W. A. Slater of the New York Yacht Club in 1896, has probably a more continuous service to her credit than any other of the large seagoing pleasure craft. Mr. Slater took her twice around the world, and under Mrs. Cardeza's ownership her adventures did not cease. It is only three or four months ago that the Eleanor was berthed at Tebo's after an unbroken commission of two years, which ended with a hunting expedition to the cariboo [sic] district of British North America.

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