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From present indications, John Jacob Astor's large steam yacht, the Nourmahal,will not be put in commission this year, at least not during the earlySummer months. No orders have yet been received for her refitting, andas Mr. Astor is expected shortly to rejoin his family abroad, sailingby one of the liners, the Nourmahal, which lies at present inTebo's basin, appears destined for a season of inactivity. Another oneof the larger steam yachts which will probably remain out of commissionthis Summer is Mrs. Charlotte D. M. Cardeza's Eleanor, whichrecently returned from a lengthy cruise abroad. Although the Eleanor'ssides have been chipped preparatory to repainting, and some members ofher crew have been retained to make the repairs necessitated by herrecent hard service, it is understood that Mrs. Cardeza does not intendto use the yacht for several months. Her entrance into service thisSummer will therefore depend upon a charter, and it is unlikely thatany applicant for the brief charter of so large a yacht will appear.The Sagamore, John M. Hanan's large steam yacht, it isunderstood, will also remain out of commission this Summer, unless soldor chartered, on account of her owner's contemplated trip abroad.

[Note: This paragraph was part of a longer article, the balance of which is not relevant for present purposes.]


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