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Son of President of Roebling Sons and Noted Autoist
Special to The New York Times
TRENTON, N. J., April 15---Washlngton A. Roebling, second, a son of Charles G. Roebling, President of the John A. Roebling Sons Co., was a passenger on the Titanic, together with Stephen Blackwell, another Trenton young man. Mr.Roebling is one of the managers of the Mercer Automobile Works of this city. He and Mr. Blackwell toured Italy, France, and other countries in an auto.

Mr. Roebling was born in this city and is about 31 years of age. Two years ago he took part in one of the important auto races at Savannah, Ga., winning second place.

He went through many of the departments of the big Roebling mills before going to the Mercer Company.

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