Laundry on the Titanic


diana handley

Im wondering if any one knows if the was a laundry on the Titanic.
I've been looking at the deck plans, on f deck. There was a large drying room next to what looks like two rooms for soiled linen.
Were these rooms for storing the dirty linen or for washing it?
If these room were for storing dirty linen, then why the need for such a large drying room.
The reason im asking is because the first washing machine with an electric motor was invented in 1908 by the Hurley Company.
It was a galvanized tub with an electric motor.
Only it’s stated that the Titanic had all the latest luxuries aboard
Did the Titanic have these new washing machines?

yes it is a typical womans question lol
Dec 2, 2000
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I'm afraid it wasn't really a laundry. At least not in the sense that we would understand it. Any ship's laundry was set aside for processing at facilities located in the ports of call. Back in 1912, the technology wasn't really up to producing the large quantities of fresh water that would be needed for the job.

diana handley

Hi Michael
So do you know why they had such a big drying room. What was it used for ?
Regards Diana

Noel F. Jones

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May 14, 2002
Diana has a point. On the GA the compartment is described as 'Linen Drying Room' and is next to a 'Soiled Linen' locker yet there is apparently no concomitant laundry facility. Also, according to the GA there were two much smaller drying rooms adjacent.

The Shipbuilder make no mention of on board laundry facilities. In any case, I would have thought there was no need for a laundry on an express transatlantic passenger vessel. The passage would not be long enough to require any bulk recycling of linen stock on passage. This large compartment at present goes unexplained.

Longer haul liners to S.Africa, Far East etc. necessarily carried laundries and laundrymen.


Dan Kappes

Sep 26, 2018
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In the 1996 TV movie, the ship is seen to have a laundry room deep in the ship near the steerage quarters with a nearby elevator that brings laundry up to the first class section.

Did the Titanic really have this kind of laundry room and conveyance elevator?

It can be seen at 31:09 in this video.

Nov 14, 2005
From Wiki: "Although bed linen was changed daily, there was no laundry aboard because of limited fresh water supplies. Passengers could get their clothes pressed and shoes polished on request, for a small fee.[16] Morning tea and pastries were served to passengers in their staterooms, but there was no room service in the modern sense"

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Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
There was no laundry for things like bedding. Used bedding was stored in the drying room so that it wouldn't grow mildew before being taken ashore for washing. Crew members, especially firemen, had sinks for washing clothes and were allowed to hang them in inconspicuous places. It's all in Titanic: The Ship Magnificent.
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