Mr. Henry P. Harland, a director of Harland and Wolff, was yesterday
returned as Conservative member of Parliament for East Belfast. No
other candidate was nominated. The seat became vacant through the
elevation to the peerage of Captain Herbert Dixon, who had held the
seat since 1922.

Mr. Harland is vice-president of the Watford Divisional Unionist
Association and president of the Aldenham Association. He is a nephew
of the late Sir Edward Harland, M.P., founder of Harland and Wolff,
and a son of the Rev. A. Harland, vicar of Harefield, Middlesex.
During the last War he was attached to the staff of Lord Pirrie during
his term as a shipping controller. In 1917 he married Helen Reilly
Andrews, widow of Thomas Andrews, a director of Harland and Wolff.

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