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Phantom passenger Barbara Tennant

Discussion in 'Passenger Research' started by Hans J. Wollstein (Hans), Feb 3, 2000.

  1. Perusing old motion picture trade-papers (I'm a film historian), I have often come across the claim that Barbara Tennant had "survived the sinking of the Titanic." A British actress, Miss tennant was engaged by the Eclair company of New Jersey at the time and is probably confused with her colleague Dorothy Gibson, who was indeed onboard. But Miss Tennant persisted in several interviews that she had been saved. Granted, these "interviews" were often complete fabrications by enterprising trade-paper writers, but the frequency of the claim does strike me as peculiar. Did Barbara Tennant travel under an assumed name? Perhaps her real moniker? Did she mean that she had been booked on the passage but never went?
    Hans J. Wollstein
    Copenhagen, Denmark