Edith Russell in 1974 holding her lucky pig

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Edith Russell in 1974 holding her lucky pig

Titanic survivor Edith Rosenbaum Russell, aged 95, in late 1974, a few months before her death, holding the musical toy pig she carried with her into Lifeboat No. 11. This photo appeared in My Weekly magazine, Nov. 30, 1974; it was one of Edith's last interviews, possibly her very last before she died at St. Mary Abbot's Hospital, Kensington, London. She always claimed she was so frightened that she hesitated to jump into the lifeboat, but when a crewman threw her music box pig in ahead of her, she said she had to follow. Her mother had given it to her as a good luck token and had told Edith to always keep it with her. "It was like my mother's voice calling me," she said. "I knew then I had to go."

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