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Sinks from Grief Following Loss of Son on the Titanic
Special to The New York Times
ADRIAN, Ga., July 29---Grief over the death of her son, Jacques
Futrelle, the author, who went down in the Titanic disaster, is believed
to heve been the direct cause of the death yesterday of Mrs. Linnie

Futrelle visited his mother just before leaving on his trip to Eurpe.
[sic] Mrs. Futrelle had grieved incessantly over the untimely death of
her son, and her decline was steady after the Titanic went down. She
bore up bravely as long as there was any hope, but after the return to
Georgia of her son's wife, and the knowledge that Mrs. Mary Futrelle had
given up hope, bore heavily upon the older woman. [sic] Her despondency
took a turn for the worse two weeks ago, and her decline since that time
was rapid. Her death is generally attributed to heartbreak over the loss
of her son.

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