Unidentified Newspaper (Evanston, Illinois)

Mrs. Louis Albert Hippach, widow of one of the founders of Tyler and Hippach plate glass firm, died Sunday at her home, 2808 Sheridan place. Mrs. Hippach was born in Chicago in November, 1867, the daughter of Edward Fischer, early Chicago pioneer who came to this country from Germany in 1854 with his wife, Julia Boehm Fischer. Mrs. Hippach had lived at 2808 Sheridan place for the last 28 years. Mr. Hippach died in 1935.

Mrs. Hippach was a life member of the German Altenheim, the Audubon Society and the Humane Society of Chicago and was interested in all children's welfare work. She was one of the few to survive the Titanic disaster in 1912.

Surviving are her daughter, Jean Unander-Scharin of 200 Lake Shore Drive, and three grandchildren, Howard, Jean and Louise Unander-Scharin.

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