Major Butt Destroyed Papers

Lincoln Daily News

That Major Archibald Butt, shortly before the last lifeboat went away from the Titanic, retired to his cabin and burned up many papers which he believed were "diplomatic papers" was the statement made this afternoon by Mrs. H.A. Cassebeer, jr, a Titanic survivor who says she is going to Washington to tell her story to the senate committee. Mrs. Cassebeer is visiting her mother here (Binghamton, NY) and has been in a serious condition ever since she landed in New York.

She declared this afternoon that Thomas Andrews, of the firm of Harland and Wolff, sat next to her at the table and frequently told her that steamer had been started before it was finished, but even though it should be cut in three parts, it would still float.

"I was in Pittman's boat and I am going to tell the senate committee that he wanted to turn back, but the passengers seized the oars and refused to let him do so."

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