Molly Brown and Captain Rostron

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Molly Brown and Captain Rostron

Mrs. J.J. (Margaret 'Molly')  Brown presenting a loving cup to Captain Arthur Rostron.

Denver socialite Margaret Brown, later known as Molly Brown, is pictured presenting a silver loving cup to Captaur Arthur Rostron, Commander of the RMS Carpathia as a token of thanks and congratulation for the rescue of the passengers from the sinking of the Titanic.

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Library of Congress/Randy Bryan Bigham Collection

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  1. Rolf Staples II said:

    The cup did not go down with the ship.


    It saddens me to think this-but-"the sinking of the titanic" indicates that it (the titanic) was actually sunk by someone-not "something" . Why not say-"after the titanic sank.........whatever! Good Lord!-----But then again-what do i know?

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