Steward Who Was Saved

A Waiter, Who Survived the Disaster and Who is Now Recovering in a New York Hospital

Steward Who Was Saved


A Waiter, Who Survived the Diaster and Who is Now Recovering in a New York Hospital

NEW YORK, April 23-Thomas Whitely (sic), one of the survivors of the Titanic's crew, who is in St. Vincent's Hospital suffering from a burned and fractured leg, Sunday learned that he is not alone in this country and can cunt on speedy relief from an uncle.

Whiteley received a telegram freom Providence Sunday, asking him if he is the Thomas Whiteley of London who has an uncle in this country by the same name.

"The petient then remembered that he had an uncle who came to America many years before, he had been told. He immediatley telegraphed back, "Yes, Come at once."  He signed the name of his father, now dead, so that the uncle would be sure of the identity. Younf Whiteley is elated over the prospects of having some one to care for him.

Whiteley, who was one of the first saloon stewards, is 20 years old.

Whiteley was pulled from the deck of the Titanic by a rope attached to a collapsible boat.  His leg was burned by by sliding along the rope and was broken when he fell upon wreckage in the water. He clung yo a wardrobe for nearly an hour before he was taken aboard a liferaft.

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