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Sinking Animation

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  1. Michele (1966) said:

    Even now, after 102 years, the enormous loss of life and potential is heart-breaking! May the victims of this tragedy rest-in-peace!

  2. Kim (1982) said:

    Didn't the ship sink differently than that?

  3. asdf=EPIC said:

    What was with the fireworks? It looked like they were celebrating... Or were they signaling for help? If they were, they have a very odd way of signaling for help.

  4. primrose said:

    I can't imagine the sound or 712 grieve stricken people that have heard the cries and saw them die it is super sad .

  5. kubiak said:

    Being equipped with visual distress signals especially at sea may make the difference of life and death even today.Perform a search for Maritime distress signals to check their importance...

  6. HA said:

    It did sink differently, when it broke it tilted to the side and sunk, it was vertical only just BELOW the water.

  7. kendrick said:

    the rockets are also for distress because by the time the ship was sinking the radio operator's power was running out so the distress was getting weaker, and weaker, and weaker and in the dead of night you can see light particularly well and the radio might not be there to tell them where they EXACTLY are

  8. bonzacraycray said:

    I have been really interested in Titanic since I was a young child. I am 14 now and still have great interest in the subject. To think that the unsinkable sank. Captain EJ Smith was even a distant relative of mine.

  9. Ben Fitton said:

    I've loved and been interested in Titanic since I was four years old. This was the first animation I ever saw of the sinking and it gave me such a great understanding as a child of what it was like when the ship sank. Now it makes me so emotional because it brings back so many memories and thoughts about the tragedy we are all so fascinated by.

  10. Someone (2261) said:

    Thats not how it sank in real life! Just the movie

  11. avatar

    Jennifer Perry said:

    This animation needs to be updated.

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