Widow says husband at the rail with Butt and Millet at the end

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Mrs. William Baird Silvey Lost Her Husband in the Disaster.

Mrs. William Baird Silvey, of Duluth, Minn., a survivor of the Titanic, arrived in Washington last night from New York, on a visit to her mother-in-law, Mrs. William Baird Silvey sr. at the Wilmington apartment house.  Mrs. Silvey's husband, a former Washingtonian, was drowned, he being among those who helped put the women and children in the lifeboats.

Mrs. Silvey sprained her ankle and is suffering from the injury. She refused to make any statement concerning her experiences. It was learned, however, that her husband, with Maj. Butt, and F. D. Millet were left standing together when the last boat left the ship.

Mrs. Silvey will remain in Washington for a while to recuperate, and will then return to her home in Duluth.

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