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Wife's suicide with ammonia solution

She took her life deliberately

Surrey Advertiser

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AFTER hearing Dr. D. Haler, pathologist, say that a Wonersh woman who swallowed a quantity of ammonia solution could not have inhaled it accidentally after falling into a bath while holding a bottle of fluid, the Guildford Borough Coroner (Mr. G. T. M. Methold) on Tuesday recorded a verdict of “Suicide while the balance of the mind was disturbed.”

The dead woman was Mrs. Edith Crowe (66), of Lengmead, Mellersh Hill, Wonersh, who died in the Royal Surrey County Hospital on Saturday two days after being admitted.

Dr. Haler said death was due to broncho-pneumonia following poisoning by “a very considerable amount" of ammonia solution.

Evidence by Mr. E. V. Crowe [sic], a retired tea planter, was that his wife worried about burst pipes during the cold spell, the health of a relative in South Africa, the effects of an operation, and his own health.

Mrs. Crowe went to the bathroom to wash hairbrushes in ammonia and, hearing her moaning, he ran in to find her lying in the bath with a bottle of ammonia solution nearby.


Mr. Crowe sald Mrs. Crowe said something like “Leave me alone” when he moved her from the bath with the aid of a woman employee.

The employee, Mrs. P. E. Rooke, of 7, Lawnsmead, Wonersh, told the Coroner Mrs. Crowe was brighter than usual on the day she died. She had never heard her threaten to take her life.

The Coroner said he would have preferred to bring in a verdict of accidental death, and at one stage he did consider it his duty to return an open verdict, but hearing evidence of Mrs. Crowe's worrying he was convinced she had taken her life deliberately.

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