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"Hold That Boat," He Commanded, as One Was Leaving Without Them
CHICAGO, April 21---Mrs. Ida S. Hippach and her daughter, Jean, survivors of the Titanic, who arrived home to-day, said that they were saved by Col. John Jacob Astor, who forced the crew of the last lifeboat to wait for them.

"We saw Col. Astor place Mrs. Astor in a boat and heard him assure her that he would follow later," said Mrs. Hippach. "He turned to us with a smile and said `Ladies, you are next.' The officer in charge of the boat protested that the craft was full and the seamen started to lower it. Col. Astor exclaimed 'Hold that boat,' in the voice of a man to be obeyed, and the men did as he ordered. The boat had been ordered past the upper deck, and the Colonel took us to the next deck below and put us in the boat, one after the other, through a porthole."

Mrs. Hippach said that after the impact the Titanic lay broadside on an iceberg that seemed, she said, to be a hundred feet high and extended farther than she could see.

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