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Gustav J. Rath

Fifth Officer

Gustav J. Rath
Gustav J. Rath

Gustav J. Rath (or Gusztáv Ráth) is listed as a Supernumerary Hungarian Officer.  In some articles he is mentioned as being the Carpathia's fifth officer.  

Second Officer James Bisset identified him as Supernumerary Officer Roth.

It was reported that his gold Carpathia rescuers medal was sold by Sotheby's New York on 29 July 1997 for $55,000.  His discharge book was also sold, which revealed that he only served on the Carpathia for two voyages.

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  1. Nehemiah Ula

    So when I was looking at some photos of the Carpathia crew, I saw a man listed as Hungarian Supernumerary Officer right here, I saw that on Second Officer Bissets book, he listed the man as "Hungarian Supernumerary Officer Gunter Roth", I can't find nothing on the person so can anyone help me find out more about this person (if he existed).

  2. Jason D. Tiller

    This is an interesting and somewhat confusing one. First off, this man did exist. But under what name, I'm not entirely sure yet. When I google Gunter Roth, I come up with nothing. I've searched his name on the National Archives website under the crew agreements, but still no luck. I've searched the partial crew list... Read full post

  3. Encyclopedia Titanica

    I don't know anything about him, which is always a good starting point for research! Bisset only seems to mention his name as "Roth", perhaps the name Gunter came from Brian Ticehurst's Carpathia Crew list? The references to the medal all give the name as Gustav J. Rath which is likely to be more accurate. I'll update the bio in the hope that more information come to light.

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Carpathia Crew Summary

Name: Mr Gustav J. Rath
Born: circa.1891
Age: 21 years (Male)
Occupation: Hung. Officer
Ship: Carpathia

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