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Lusitania: Anne Justice Shimer

Discussion in 'Lusitania Passengers and Crew' started by John Justice, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. John Justice

    John Justice Member

    "Mrs. R. D. Shymer of New York" who was aboard the Lusitania when it went down in 1915 was a close cousin. Her maiden name was Anne C. Justice. She was born 30 May 1873 in Logansport, Cass County, Indiana. Her father, James Monroe Justice (1838-1889), was a successful attorney. My great great grandfather was his brother. The maiden name for Anne's mother was Grace E. Heikes (c.1846-1924). Grace was also known as Grace Justice-Hankins in her later years. Anne's sister was Maibelle Heikes Justice (1871-1926) who was a prolific writer and became an early Hollywood screenwriter. The few photos I've seen online of Anne aren't that flattering. However, I did run across a nice likeness of her (which I haven't seen elsewhere) on p. 1 of the 3 Dec 1918 issue of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. I hope this information is helpful to those seeking background information on her. Does anyone know her burial site? I'm still trying to resolve that question.
  2. John Justice

    John Justice Member

    Here is the photo of Anne Justice Shimer which I discovered on page 1, of the December 3, 1918, issue of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.
    Anne Justice Shimer 1a.jpg