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Philadelphian Gives Up All Hope of Life of Parent
PHILADELPHIA, April 22---Richard Norris Williams, jr., one of the survivors of the Titanic, who was coming to this city with his father after having spent many years abroad, is one of the few survivors who must absolutely give up all hope of life for his parent. Williams saw his father crushed to death by one of the enormous smokestacks of the sinking vessel.

“We stood on the deck watching the lifeboats of the Titanic being filled and lowered into the water,” said Williams. "The water was almost up to our waists and the ship was about at her last. Suddenly one of the great funnels fell. I sprang, endeavoring to pull my father with me. The funnel was swept overboard and my father’s body went with it.

“I sprang overboard and swam through the ice to a life raft. I was pulled aboard. There were five men and one woman on the raft. Occasionally we were swept off into the sea, but always managed to crawl back. Finally the Carpathia picked us up.”


Mark Baber, USA


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