The Iceberg that Sank the Titanic?

Rare image taken two days before Titanic sank

Titanic Iceberg

Rare photograph of probable Titanic iceberg set to be auctioned.

40 hours before the Titanic sank, a prime candidate for the iceberg she struck was photographed by Captain Wood of the SS Etonian.

The photograph is captioned  "Iceberg taken by Captain Wood SS Etonian in 41°50N 49°50W April 12th at 4pm 1913 (sic) Titanic struck April 14th and sank in 3 hours".

Iceberg Lot

Letter from Captain wood with iceberg photograph and SS Etonian in a gale

While it cannot be proven that the iceberg is the same one that caused the Titanic disaster, it bears striking similarities to sketches drawn by lookout Frederick Fleet, the lookout on duty who first spotted the iceberg, and Joseph Scarrott, an able-bodied seaman.  

Captain Wood described the encounter in a letter sent from New York, where the Etonian had docked. 


Pier 59 North River

Dear Billy Tucker,
I received the photos you so kindly sent and they are good. It was a great pity the light in the shed was so poor, you might have got the horses.  We landed late[?] last Wednesday, but they were not such a fine lot as last. I hope they are all doing well. If you see Dr Kirk give him my best wishes, maybe next year we shall meet again. I am sending you a sea picture The Etonian running before a gale, and the iceberg that sank the Titanic. We crossed the ice track 40 hours before her but in daylight, so saw the ice easily and I got a picture.
Best wishes from yours sincerely
Captain Wood

SS Etonian

The photographs and an accompanying letter are to be auctioned by Henry Aldridge and Son, at Devizes on 20 June 2020. Visit for further details.

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