Mr Charles Edward Judd

Mr Charles Edward Judd was born in Shirley, Hampshire, England on 7 September 1880. 

He was the son of Charles Edward Judd (1858-1914) and Anna Thompson (1858-1953), both Hampshire-natives who had been married in 1879.
Charles had four siblings: William George (b. 1882), Ernest Frederick (b. 1883), Florence Anna (b. 1888) and Lily Ellen (b. 1891).

He first appears on the 1881 census when he, his mother and father were living at 27 Station Road, Millbrook, Hampshire and his father was described as a sawyer. There is no trace of the family on the 1891 census but by the time of the 1901 census Charles was absent, perhaps at sea, and his family were living at 27 Station Road, Shirley.

Judd had been at sea since around 1899 and served in various capacities on the steamships of the Royal Mail Steam Packet, Union Castle and White Star Lines; in January 1907 he survived a brush with death when he had only left Jamaican shores hours previously when the devastating Kingston earthquake struck. 

He and his family uprooted from Southampton around 1906 and settled in Caversham, Oxfordshire where for some years he was employed at Messrs. Elliott's joinery works where his father was a machinist, but most of his working life to that point had been spent at sea. The Judd's Caversham home was reportedly decorated with numerous curios from Charles' frequent travels and he was well known in the Reading area and stayed in Caversham when not on duty. A frequent lodger in Southampton, he was a member of the Southampton Lodge of Oddfellows. On the 1911 census Charles was again absent but his parents were listed as living 84 Eldon Cottages on Westfield Road, Caversham. 

When Charles signed-on to the Titanic on 6 April 1912 he gave his address as 98 Derby Road, Southampton. His previous ship had been the Oceanic and as a fireman he received monthly wages of £6. Also serving aboard as a fireman was his cousin Charles John Hurst, the son of his mother's sister Harriet.

Judd was rescued atop collapsible B and he later wrote to his brother detailing his experiences, including his worry that he may have lost his feet due to frostbite due to exposure. He was initially reported as missing in the press at the time but his survival was later related to his parents via telegram.

Charles returned to England and apparently continued a career at sea for a time. He was married in Reading, Berkshire on 29 January 1914 at the age of 33 to Alice Maud Mabel Sayer (b. 17 February 1889 in Caversham, Berkshire); at the time he was described as a sailor. He later left the sea and worked as a fitter's mate.

Charles and his wife had seven children: Dorothy Lillian (1915-1987, later Mrs Frank Gale), Hannah Emma (1917-1986, later Mrs Frederick Sedgbeer), Marjory (1919-1993, later Mrs William Green), Gladys J. (1921-1968, later Mrs William Farrier), Edwin Charles (1923-1970), John George (1925-1973) and Rosemary Brenda (1927-2006, later Mrs Norman Franklin). 

Widowed on 3 March 1937, Charles never remarried and later lived at 18 Westfield Road, Caversham; he died as a result of oral cancer on 31 October 1960.  He is buried in Caversham cemetery, Victoria Road Reading, England, Class 2 (section 1) plot 830 the grave is well overgrown.

His children largely remained in the Reading area and his last surviving child Rosemary died in 2006 in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. He still has surviving descendants in Reading.


Charles Judd with his daughter Dorothy Gale, granddaughter Hannah and his mother Anna in the late 1940s 
(Reading Standard, 9 January 1986, Lucky Charlie Survived Disaster of the Titanic)


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Bucks Free Press (1912) 
Bucks Free Press (1912) 

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  1. Jacqueline Franklin said:

    Charles was my grandfather - if anyone is interested in what happened to him after he survived the Titanic please mail back.

  2. Brandon Whited said:

    Jacqueline, I would really like to hear about your grandfather after the events of the Titanic. Did he leave an account? Do you own photographs or anything of his? It is always interesting to have close relatives of survivors on the message board -B.W.

  3. Samantha Redford said:

    Hi Jacqueline, My names Sam Redford im the daughter of Diane Williams. Charlie Judd was my great grandfather. Contact us at

  4. Amy Dodd said:

    Hi Jacqueline, My name is Amy Dodd, Sam Redford's cousin, Sharon Williams daughter.. Dianes sister.. Charlie Judd was my great great grandfather too. Have you got any pictures of him, ive only ever seen two pictures. Amy

  5. amanda gale said:


  6. Mark Baber said:

    Hello, Mandy--- 1. Please note that Ms. Franklin's message was posted nearly six years ago, and she is no longer a registered member of this board. It's therefore unlikely that she will respond. 2. Please don't use all capital letters. It's the online equivalent of shouting and is frowned upon. Thanks.

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    Brian J. Ticehurst said:

    Hello Amanda - Welcome. Here is what I have on Mr. Judd - I hope you find it interesting: JUDD, CHARLES EDWARD. Saved in Lifeboat number 9. Lived at 98 Derby Road, Northam, Southampton. Occupation - Fireman. 30 years old. (Born in Hampshire). Ship before the RMS Titanic was the RMS Oceanic. (From The Reading Standard, 20 April, 1912, Page 7). A TITANIC VICTIM SUBJOINED is a photograph of Mr. Charles Edward Judd, a fireman on board the Titanic, who is believed to have perished in the wreck. His parents live at 84, Westfield Road, Caversham, and for some years he was employed at Messrs.... Read full post

  8. amanda gale said:

    Thankyou Brian for that information mandy

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