Mr Bengt Edvin Larsson

Mr Bengt Edvin Larsson, 29, was born 5 December 1882, the only son of farmer Gustaf Edvard and Hädda Larsson, Tullerum, Norra Vi, Nyköping, Södermanland, Sweden.

Bengt Edvin Larsson was from Norra Vi, but had moved to Stockholm and for the last years worked as clerk for a grocery store on Drottninggatan, Stockholm. He lived at Apelbergsgatan 37, Stockholm.

He was on his way from Stockholm to Axel Petersen, 70 Smith St. Hartford, Connecticut, but father wrote in a letter to New York consulate that he had no special destination so the address in the White Star list may be wrong.

According to his father he was of "middle length with a honest, pleasant appearance", by others described as silent and tranquil. "The meaning was that after some years my son should take over the farm".

It had taken him some years to earn the 181 Kr the ticket cost. He travelled via Gothenburg. In Southampton, where he boarded the vessel as a third class passenger , he bought a card with Titanic on it which he sent to his parents. Larsson died in the sinking. His father later wrote to consulate in New York and asked for the body. But his body was never found.

The Mansion House Fund paid 875.52 Kr (£48) to the parents. 911 Kr (£50) damage claims were paid to parents, 25 August 1914.

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