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Mrs. Ryerson of Chicago Will Marry Forsythe Sherfesse, Financier
CHICAGO, Dec. 1 (AP)---Mrs. Emily Borie Ryerson, whose husband, Albert [sic] Ryerson, lost his life when the Titanic sank, will be married next week, it is announced, to Forsythe Sherfesse, Financial Adviser to the Chinese Government at Peking. Mrs. Ryerson was hurrying home with her husband on the Titanic to attend the funeral of a son. She has three children living.

Numerous philanthropies have been Mrs. Ryerson's interests. She has been a world traveler and met Mr. Sherfesse in Peking. Mr. Sherfesse, before going to China, was head of the United States Forestry Service in the Philippines. He is 48 years old and former lived in Charleston, S. C.

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