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Mrs. Walter Clark, Whose Husband Went Down to Death, Prostrated


W. A. Clark, Jr., Son of Former Senator, Will Escort Her to Los Angeles

William A. Clark, Jr., accompanied by Mrs. Clark, arrived here from Los Angeles yesterday to meet Mrs. Walter Clark, who arrived on the Los Angeles limited train from the east. The party proceeded on the same train directly to Los Angeles yesterday evening.
Mrs. Walter Clark is one of the survivors of the Titanic, disaster, her husband, son of J. Ross Clark, having lost his life among the many others who were sacrificed when the great vessel went down.
When seen at the Hotel Utah yesterday evening, William A. Clark, Jr., said that Mrs. Walter Clark could by no means be seen by newspapermen, on account of her distressed condition.

Widow is Prostrated

"My cousin, Walter," said Mr. Clark, "after having assisted his wife to one of the lifeboats of the Titanic, went back to his fate with the other brave men on the great liner. Because of the distressing impressions left upon the mind of his widow it is absolutely impossible for her to accord an interview to any person. Mrs. Walter Clark is confined to her car on the Los Angeles limited train, and we have come as far as Salt Lake to hurry her home, so that she may receive careful attention by physicians to bring her back to health and greater comfort of mind than which she is now experiencing.
"It is barely possible that during the trip from here to Los Angeles my wife and myself may be able to get from our cousin a recital of the harrowing scenes through which she passed at the wreck of the Titanic; but I doubt this very much. She is in such a condition of mind and of physical collapse that we shall exercise the greatest care for her well being.
"The shock of Mrs. Walter Clark was such as cannot be imagined by any person who has not had similar experience. It is enough to shatter her nervous system to the point of prostration. She has borne up well under the circumstances, but the utmost care is necessary now to nurse her back to her usual health.

Seeking Seclusion

"Not only in Salt Lake do we beg newspapermen not to importune for interviews from Mrs. Clark, but at Los Angeles we shall demand and enforce quiet and uninterrupted rest for her. If we can, between here and Los Angeles, receive from her a voluntary recital of the story of the wreck as Mrs. Clark saw it, we shall be gald to give it to the press. Otherwise we must await the subsequent time when the story can be given out. I appreciate the sense of delicacy that has actuated the Salt Lake newspapermen in seeking me out before endeavoring to interview one who is in no condition to be seen."
The party left here on yesterday evening's Salt Lake Route train, expecting to arrive at home today, when Mrs. Walter Clark will be placed under the care of physicians until her health shall have been regained.


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