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Asplund Fund Totals $1031.25, But Body of Victim of Titanic Disaster Fails To Reach Worcester

Worcester Telegram

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The benefit fund for Mrs. Charles Asplund and her two children saved from the titanic, while her husband and three sons went to their deaths, yesterday passed the $1000 mark.

The total amount subscribed last night was $1031.25, and that, with the entire proceedings of the big benefit concert to be in Worcester theater tomorrow night, will, it is estimated by the funds committee, give Mrs. Asplund about $2000.

In making arrangements for the concert, members of the committee have secured the services of Worcester brass band of 40 men; Worcester philharmonic orchestra, Zylophone quartet, Thule glee-club, Prof. Hultman, pianist, Miss. Catherine Hickel, 2 Perkins street, and Edward D. Lynch of the King-Lynch players.

Each member of that company has agreed to take part in the concert and that part of the program will include singing of Miss. Rose King, recitations by Mae Roth (?) Layden.

Arrangements have been made for especially lighting the theater corridors and members of the players company are to be stationed just inside the main entrance and sell flowers to those entering and leaving the theater. H.A.Lange will give all the flowers the young women can sell.

Boxes at the Worcester theater for the concert are still unsold and the committee whose names will be found below wishes to announce through the Telegram that today is the last chance given the citizens of Worcester to show their loyalty to this most deserving cause by buying one or more of these spaces.

The sale of the box will more than materially aid in increasing the fund and those wishing to buy one may call either Carl Bonney, treasurer of the committee in charge at Booney & Moor's. John F. Burke, manager of Worcester theater, Phil McHale at the Putnam and Thurston restaurant, or any of the following members of the committee making the checks payable to Mr. Bonney as treasurer.

Mayor David F. O'Connell, Rev. Dr. John J. McCoy, Rev. Dr. Henry Stiles Bradley, Rev. John A. Eckstrom, Frank A. Drury, John McGrath, John P. Holmgoen, George F. Booth, Peter T. Conlin, A.P. Cristy, Edward Moor, John B. Wheeler, Harvey Cashman, Charles A. Ostrow, Louis Feingold, Hajiem Nordstrom. The price asked for the boxes will be from $15 to $20 each.

Yesterday's contributions were:

Previously acknowledge.......$971.25
Beorge F. Booth.................5.00
Charles M. Thayer..............25.00
Henry F. Harris................15.00
Chandler Bullock...............15.00


Although the body of Mr. Asplund was sent from Halifax to Worcester by officials of the White star line and was due to arrive in the 12:22 o'clock express from Boston, this morning, it did not arrive in Worcester, nor had it reached north union station by 1:00 o'clock, this morning.

Undertaker John Borg, who is to take charge of the body, was at union station with three brothers-in-law of Mr. Asplund, who were there to make a positive identification of the body. They were Charles E. Carlson, 193 Vernon street, John A, Carlson, 3 Fairbanks street, and Olof Ahlquist, 151 Vernon street with whom Mrs.Asplund is living.

Undertaker Borg received a message from officials of the White star line yesterday afternoon and Mr, Carlson received a letter from the same people last night. Both message and letter stated Mr. Asplund's body left Halifax Thursday night, and should arrive in Boston on the train from Halifax that arrived at 9:15 o'clock.

Allowing two hours for transportation across Boston, from Boston north to south station, undertaker Borg thought the body should be sent to Worcester on the train that left the south station at 11:15 o'clock and arrive in Worcester at 12:22.

In consequence, he was there with an assistant to take charge of the body. When it did not come on that train, he waited for the train that arrived from Boston at 12:42, but the party was g?ven dissapointed. Then, going to a lower floor of the union station, Mr. Borg called up the baggage rooms of both north and south stations in Boston.

At the south station baggage room he was assured no bodies had arrived from Halifax on the 9:15 o'clock train. Clerks investigated, but found the body was consigned to an undertaker in Dorchester instead of Worcester.

Mr. Borg was told the next train from Halifax into Boston will not arrive until 8:25 o'clock this morning.

There was a suspicion the body from Halifax consigned to Dorchester, may have been consigned to Worcester, as the two names end in the same way, and baggage clerks, hurriedly glancing at the tag, may have been mistaken.


Lesley Morgan


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