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Four of the Asplunds are Titanic Victims

Worcester Telegram

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Searching dilligently in New York Thursday night and all day yesterday at the pier where the rescued passengers of the ill-fated Titanic were delivered Thursday night by the Cunard liner, Carpathia, John Carlson, 193 Vernon Street, a brother-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Asplund, former Worcester people, who sailed from Southhampton, April 10, on the wrecked White star line ship, informed his wife last night, by telegraphic communication that the only members of the Asplund family who have been found are the mother, Mrs. Selma Asplund, a baby boy. 2 years old, and Lillie Asplund, 6 years old, a daughter.

The telegram was received by Mrs. Carlson at 9 o'clock, she told a Telegram reporter, last night, an hour after its arrival. It stated that nothing has been heard of Charles Asplund, the father, the oldest son, Felix, 13 years old, or two other sons, Clarence, aged 11 years, and Carl, aged 6. The little girl, Lillie. who the telegram states, is safe in St. Vincent Hospital, New York, is a twin sister of the 6 year old son, Carl.

The telegram received by Mrs. Carlson at 9 o'clock last night was the second that the Carlson family received, yesterday, from New York. Mr. Carlson informed the family yesterday afternoon about 3 o'clock that he intended to reach Worcester at 8:35 o'clock last night. That hour found about 25 acquaintances awaiting his arrival at union depot, but he failed to alight from the train when it pulled into the station on time, and the later telegram stated that he will reach Worcester tonight.

It is thought by Mrs. Carlson last night that her husband did not carry out his plans as laid out in the afternoon, perhaps, because of a refusal on the part of the hospital authorities

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Four of the Asplunds

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to allow the three members of the Asplund family saved to leave the hospital.

She believes that it was Mr. Carlson's wish not to leave New York until he has the promise of the Asplund mother and her two children that they will accompany him on the return trip. If he comes tonight, she expects to see Mrs. Asplund and the two children with him, she said last night.

Mrs. Olaf Ahlquist, 151 Vernon street, a sister of Mrs. Asplund, received a telegram yesterday forenoon from St. Vincent Hospital, New York, stating that Mrs. Asplund and two of her children had been saved. The same dispatch intimated that perhaps Mr. Asplund had been transferred to some New York hospital, but when Mrs. Carlson received the telegram last night she stated that it seems that if all hope that had been given up by the relatives of locating the father and three missing boys. If the least trace of their safety had been found, Mr. Carlson would have wired her immediately of it, she said.

But Mrs. Carlson believes that the dispatch she received last night which stated Felix, Clarence and Carl with the father had been lost can be given the most credence for she thinks that her husband was in a position to make every essential inquiry as regards to the fate of the members of the family, as he was supplied with credentials to hand the White star liner officials by Mr. Sullivan.

Mr. Sullivan was at union depot last night when the train on which Mr. Carlson was expected to arrive, steamed in. He said then that he is of the opinion that Mr. Carlson would have little trouble in getting to the side of his relatives because of the credentials he has in his possession.

Mrs. Carlson was anxious to be at the station to meet her husband whe he was expected to arrive at 8:35 o'clock last night, but the nervous strain that she has experienced since the first news of the disaster made it impossible for her to be at the depot, close acquaintances, who were there, said. Mrs. Ahlquist, a sister of Mrs. Asplund, is also suffering from nervousness and other members of her family represented her in the gathering at the union depot.

Mr. Carlson was accompanied to New York by Miss. Teckla Johnson, 9 Freeland street, a sister of Mrs. Asplund. None of these returned to Worcester last night, and it is Mrs. Carlson's opinion that when one comes all will come.


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