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Fund for Relief of Mrs. Asplund and Her Children is Growing Slowly

Worcester Telegram

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Money for the Worcester Titanic relief fund that is to be used for the financial assistance of Mrs. Charles Asplund and her two children who survived the Titanic disaster, in which her husband and three children were lost, is coming slowly to the relief committee. Only $25 was added to the fund yesterday, bringing the total up to $731.

The committee believes that tickets for the concert at Worcester theater, Sunday night, ought to be selling faster than they are, considering the talent that has been offered. The tickets are on sale at Hanson's music store, Putnam & Thurston's restaurant, Easton's and the Worcester theater boxoffice.

Robert S. Illingworth, winner of the championship in recitation at the South high school, will read several of Poe's short poems.

Miss. Rose King of the Lynch-King players, assisted by the women members of the theatrical company, will sell flowers and programs at the concert. Several Worcester florists are expected to contribute flowers to be sold.

Harvey Cashman, a member of the committee, has placedone of the White gasoline cars at the disposal of the committee that will be used in visiting the large factories and manufacturing plants collecting money for the Asplund fund.

The committee regards the fund already received as far to small to be of much benefit to the Asplund family, who have no available means of support. The general impression among some of the public that enough money has been raised the committee says is erroneous, when it is considered that the mother will have to support herself and the children at least 10 years before the oldest child, Lillian, now six years old, will be old enough to assist in supporting the family. Mrs. Asplund and the children were left with only the clothes they wore at the time of the wreck, with no money and and no relatives whom they can call upon for assistance except for a short time.

Mayor David F. O'Connell, at a meeting of the committee, said that the citizens of Worcester should be loyal enough to contribute freely to such a worthy cause, without having to be solicited personally for small amounts.

The fund:

Previously acknowledged $706
Walter E. Hassam 10
Maurice F. Reidy 5
George F. Brooks 5
Bell Bros. 5


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