Mrs Emma Schabert

New York Herald, 17th April 1912
(Cameron Bell, Northern Ireland)

Mrs Paul Schabert (Emma Mock), 35, was born in New York City on May 23, 1876 the daughter of Richard Mock (died 1905 in New York City) and his wife Emma. Her parents were natives of Germany. She had a brother Philipp Edmund Mock and both were educated in Europe.

Emma had two small children, Beatrice and Kyrill Schabert but they did not accompany their mother when she and her brother boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg on April 10, 1912.

A first class passenger, Mrs Schabert occupied cabin C-28. She and her brother were rescued in lifeboat 11.

Later, Emma married Baron Curt von Faber du Faur and lived in Italy for a number of years but in 1939 returned to America. The couple settled in New Haven, Connecticut where the Baron (known as "Professor") was a lecturer at Yale University. He was born July 5, 1890 in Stuttgart, Germany and died in New Haven on January 10, 1966. He had no children of his own and was survived by a brother and sister in Germany.

Emma's son Kyrill died in St. James, New York in 1983 at the age of 74. His son, also named Kyrill Schabert, is now a resident of Oakham, Massachusetts.

Emma von Faber du Faur (late Schebert, née Mock) died in New Haven on April 18, 1961.


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  1. Brian Ahern said:

    I had never known before that Paul Schabert was Emma's second husband. Her first husband was Rufus W. Blake of Derby, Connecticut, who was nearly four decades older than she was. Blake was president of the Sterling Piano Company of Derby and the Huntington Piano Company of Shelton, CT, as well as being a director of the Birmingham National Bank and "interested in" the Derby Brass Company. He left Emma a rich young widow in 1901. According to various New York and Connecticut papers, he and Emma were playing cards until he went upstairs alone. Shortly afterwards, Emma heard a shot. She... Read full post

  2. avatar

    Mike Poirier said:

    Hi Brian Yes, I had read that too. Well, it is true, that she would not leave her brother. Ismay told her at one point, 'You made a great mistake not to get into that boat.' He claimed that as boat 11 was leaving he was pulled in saying there was room for one more, since he was so helpful in loading women aboard, including Edith Rosenbaum. Mike

  3. avatar

    Mike Poirier said:

    Here's a full bio on Mrs. Shcabert and her brother

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