Mr Adolf Mathias Nicolai Olsen Humblen

Mr Adolf Mathias Nikolai Olsen Humblen was born 28 May 1869 in Nilsgården farm, Borgund, Romsdal County, Norway, to Ole Ananias, a farmer and a fisherman, and Berte Oline Didriksdatter (nee Myklebust?) Nilsen, who had married 17 October 1858 at Borgund.  He was christened 1 January 1870 also at Borgund1

His known siblings included Niels Markus, b. 29 March 1858, Ole Peter, b. 25 October 1860, Severin Britannus, b. 22 March 1863, and Karl Laurits, b. 9 February 1872.

Adolf married Oliva Eliassen Hansdatter Fuglefjord Humblen on 7 November 1895 in Borgund Church. She was a native of the Faeroe Islands. The couple lived in Borgsund, Langevåg, Ålesund.

He was very likely going to Duluth, Minnesota, even though the White Star Line listed his destination as 369 Madison Avenue, Milwaukee (Johan Carlsson). He seems to have been a 'general labourer.'

Humblen was travelling with Olaus Abelseth (with whom he shared cabin G-63 forward on F-Deck), Abelseth's brother-in-law Sigurd Moen, and his cousin Peter Søholt, Karen Marie Abelseth and Anna Salkjelsvik. They all set sail from Ålesund, Norway to Newcastle via Bergen. They boarded the Titanic at Southampton.

Humblen lost his life in the disaster.


  1. His name was recorded as Adolf Mathaeus Olsen, indicating the Humblen part of his name was added at a later/unknown date

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  1. s. wade said:

    Re: I am doing research for an exhibit on the Wisconsin connections to the Titanic. In Adolf Humblen's biography it states his destination was Milwaukee. It also states that he was married to Olivie Fuglefjord. Had she passed away or was she going to join him in Milwaukee later?

  2. Denise A. Hunyadi said:

    "I am doing research for an exhibit on the Wisconsin connections to the Titanic." Although this is not directly related to your main question about Olivie Fugldfjord, I would like to make you aware of an article about Wisconsin Titanic victim Capt. Edward G. Crosby on the Great Lakes Titanic Society web site: Denise

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Peter Engberg-Klarström, Sweden
Per Kristian Sebak, Norway

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