Worcester Friends Take Up Work of Aiding Titanic Survivors

Worcester Evening Gazette

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An announcement was made in the G???mane Swedish Lutheran Church yesterday that a memorial service for victims of the Titanic disaster will be conducted in the church Sunday evening with Rev. John A. Eckstrom pastor, in charge.

At this service a collection for the benefit of Mrs. Asplund, who lost her husband and three children when the Titanic sunk, will be taken. Rev. Mr. Eckstrom, pastor of church was among the first to extend a hand of welcome to Mrs. Asplund, as she allighted from the train at the Union station Saturday evening.

Representative Charles Orstrom sent a letter to Mayor Gaynor of New York today relative to securing a portion of the money which has been raised for survivors of the Titanic, for Mrs. Asplund. He pointed out that she was deserving of aid and that her case is as pitiful as any.

If no move is made on the part of the city of Worcester to raise funds for Mrs. Asplund it is probable that the matter will be taken up by the Swedish Charitable Association, which is ever looking after the needs of the Swedish people deserving of aid.

The Sven Gille Association took the initiative in assisting the widow and her children yesterday when the organization, through, Representative Orstrom presented Mrs. Asplund with $42.

Slowly recovering from the effects of her experience, Mrs. Asplund is today confined to the home of her sister, Mrs. Olaf Ahlquist, at 151 Vernon street, where she was taken upon arriving from New York. Many relatives and friends called today, but little mention was made of the disaster which tore husband and three loving children from her side. Lillian and Felix are rapidly recovering from the effects of their sad experience. The girl realizes to some extent what has happened, but little babe Felix, three years old, cries for his papa. A gloom is cast over the relatives of the Asplund family and mention of the tragedy is made only in whispers.

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