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Survivors of Ocean Disaster Attend Funeral of Brave Man
Col. Archibald Gracie's final wish that be be buried in the clothes he wore
when rescued from the sinking Titanic was carried out when he was laid to
rest in Woodlawn cemetery, New York city, yesterday.

The obsequies were held in Calvary church and among those present to pay the
last tribute were many of his fellow survivors from the doomed liner,
including Mrs. John Jacob Astor, Mrs. Edward W. Appleton, Mrs. J. B. Thayer,
and her son, J. B. Thayer, and Mrs. J. J. Brown.

Handsome Floral Gifts

Other survivors sent flowers and messages of condolence to Colonel Gracie's
widow, and his daughter, Miss Edith Temple Gracie. Among them were Mr. and
Mrs. Philip Rhinelander, Mr. Oakley Rhinelander, the children of Mr. and
Mrs. Isidor Straus, who perished aboard the Titanic; Mrs. John Jacob Astor,
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Norman, of Newport; Mrs. Hamilton Fish, Mr.
and Mrs. John J. Wysong, Mrs. William Pollock, Dr. and Mrs. John J. Mason,
Mr. and Mrs. William Dalliba Dutton, Mrs. William R. Pryor, General and Mrs.
Ripley, Baron von Moutbe, of Dresden; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Pomeroy, of this
city, and Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Gracie Ogden and family.

President Elect's Message

President-elect Woodrow Wilson sent a message of sympathy from Bermuda, and
among scores of others received were those from Speaker Champ Clark,
Postmaster General Hitchcock, Mrs. W. B. Schley, widow of Rear Admiral
Schley, and many others. Mrs. Clinch Smith, with whose husband Colonel
Gracie spent the last few minutes before the Titanic went down, had flowers
sent by cable message from Paris. Colonel Gracie and Mr. Smith swam together
from the vessel, but the latter perished.

The immediate relatives of Colonel Gracie at the funeral were his widow and
daughter, his sister, Miss Adeline Gracie, of Baltimore; Mrs. William
Dalliba Dutton, sister of Mrs. Gracie, and Albert P. Schack, Mrs. Gracie's


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