Still Playing As Water Creeps Up

Worcester Evening Gazette

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New York, April 19- Mrs. John Murray Brown of Acton, Mass, who with her sister, Mrs. Robert C. Cornell and Mrs. E.D. Appleton, was saved, was in the last life-boat to get safely away from the Titanic.

"The band played marching from deck to deck, and as the ship went under I could still hear the music." Mrs. Brown said. "The musicians were up to their knees in water when last I saw them. We offered assistance to Capt. Smith, but he refused."

"Mrs. Astor was in the life-boat with my sister, Mrs. Cornell. I heard Col. Astor tell her he would wait with the men. Our boat was almost dragged down by the suction."

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  1. reving19 said:

    Interesting that this news story reports that the band was still playing as the water crept up on them, even circling their knees. An exaggeration or another indelible image of the Titanic band that depicts their bravery?   

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