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Twins on the Titanic

How many sets of twins were on the Titanic


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Twins together on the Titanic

  • Carl and Lillian Asplund, aged 5
  • Kate and Alice Herman, aged 24, were identical twins

Other people who were Twins

People who were twins who did not travel with their twin

  • Harvey Collyer had an identical twin brother George
  • Charles Osker Hendrickson had a twin sister Anna
  • Erik Johansson had a twin brother Enoch
  • Berthe Leroy had a twin sister Marthe
  • Alfonzo Meo had a twin brother Antonio
  • Charles Alfred Othen had a twin sister Florence
  • Hulda Vestrom had an identical twin sister Johanna Maria, who stayed in Sweden with her parents.
  • Bridget O'Driscoll had a twin brother Timothy
  • Reginald Hale had a twin sister Florence
  • Alfred G. Rowe had a twin sister Agnes
  • Achille Waelens, third class, had a twin brother named Dociel Charles who died in Michigan in 1972.

Twin Connections

People who were not twins themselves but had twin siblings or children.

  • Frederick William Barrett became a father to twins (a boy and a girl) a fortnight before joining the Titanic.
  • Reginald Charles Biddlecombe was the father of boy and girl twins.
  • Kate Buss had sisters who were twins
  • John Joseph Diaper later became the father of twin boys.
  • Johan Ekström had a brother whose twin died at birth
  • William Albert Thomas Hebb later had twin daughters
  • Henry Parkinson Hill had twin daughters
  • Bruce Ismay had twin sisters
  • Cecil Jackson had two sets of twin siblings.
  • John J. Lamb had brothers who were twins
  • Archibald Leader had two sets of twin siblings.
  • Frank Painter had brothers who were twins
  • Jack Phillips had sisters who were twins
  • Adāl Najīb Qiyāmah had brothers who were twins
  • Captain Smith's daughter Helen Melville Smith Russell-Cooke gave birth to twins.
  • John Henry Taylor had a set of twin siblings
  • Wyckoff Van der Hoef had twin sons
  • William Ward one of fifteen children including two sets of twins
  • Chief Officer Henry Wilde had twin sons, both died prematurely

If you know of others let us know.

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  1. Delia Mahoney Delia Mahoney
    Hello there, this is my first post in passenger research. I've a twin sister, so I look for some info about twins on the Titanic and hope somebody help me. I suppose too some passenger had a twin. - Editor's Note: See this ET Research Page : Twins on the Titanic
  2. mary mason mary mason
    i cant think of any twins on titanic, but Jack Phillips, the one of the wireless officers had sisters who were twins called elsie and ethel.
  3. Bob Godfrey Bob Godfrey
    Among the passengers saved from Second Class were Kate and Alice Herman, aged 24, who were certainly twins, and I think identical.
  4. Bob Godfrey Bob Godfrey
    I believe the only other twins on board were Carl and Lillian Asplund, aged 5 and obviously not identical twins. Carl was lost with the Titanic, but Lillian is one of the last living survivors.
  5. Delia Mahoney Delia Mahoney
    I agree with you, Bob, that Asplunds and Hermans were only twins on the Titanic. Some other passengers had a twin but not on the Titanic. These following persons had a twin: 1) 2nd class passenger Harvey Collyer (Walter; identical or not?) 2) 2nd class passenger Reginald Hale (Florence; not identical) 3) 3rd class passenger Bridget O'Driscoll (Timothy; not identical) I think that's all. All the best, Delia
  6. Bob Godfrey Bob Godfrey
    Hi, Delia. Harvey Collyer did have an older brother called Walter but his twin was George. And yes, they were identical twins. Others on board without their twin were Lucy Ridsdale in 2nd Class (twin to Robert) and Berthe Leroy in 1st Class (twin to Marthe). Lots of others had twins in their families. Mary has mentioned Jack Phillips. Others include Bruce Ismay (twin sisters) and Chief Officer Henry Wilde, who tragically suffered the loss of his twin sons within hours of their birth and his wife Mary a few weeks later.
  7. Inger Sheil
    Minor correction, Bob - the Wilde twins didn't die within hours of their birth, but rather lived a week or two before dying of 'congenital debility'...I have the death certificates somewhere at home.
  8. Andrew Maheux Andrew Maheux
    Interesting topic
  9. Lanie McDowall Lanie McDowall
    Hey There I am 14 years of age and I recently have been very fascinated by the Titanic and its story. Anyways, last night, I was speaking to my mother about it and she informed that I had a couple of great uncles that were on the ship. All she said that she knew about them was that they were twins, around 18, were sailers and went down with the ship. Unfortunately, that is all I know and I was wondering if anyone out there would help me find out about these interesting people? Thanks alot and I hope to hear from someone soon.
  10. Chris Dohany Chris Dohany
    Surnames would definitely help - i.e., your mother's maiden name, her mother's, etc. Offhand I can't think of any twins among Titanic's crew, though there were a handful of brothers.
  11. Lanie McDowall Lanie McDowall
    Hello again! Unfortunately, it is my Nanna's, Great uncles that I am trying to find but she is traveling around Australia right now so I have no way of contacting her to ask her. She should be back in 2-3 weeks. I guess this was a bad time to ask people for help. I am very very thankful for everyone who has though! Thanks again Lanie
  12. Lanie McDowall Lanie McDowall
    Hello once again! It's going to be tough to come up with the names needed to track down my relatives because unfortunately my Nanna didn't remember all the possible surnames ... but did give me three. Mogg, Snowdrop and Bonnel. The biggest problem is that the people who could give more accurate answers have passed on. I will still keep trying regardless and hope to come up with something more constructive soon. And as always, thank you! Lanie
  13. Bob Godfrey Bob Godfrey
    Hi, Lanie. The only Bonnels on Titanic were ladies travelling as 1st Class passengers. No Moggs or Snowdrops, but there was a coal trimmer called Snow. Keep in mind that there were no twins among the crew, and no teenaged sailors (the youngest were 20 and 25, and they weren't related). There were, however, two brothers who served as seamen (sailors). They were George and Fred Clench, aged 31 and 34. Fred survived.
  14. Chris Dohany Chris Dohany
    I've seen many accounts where the term "sailor" is used generally to describe anyone who worked aboard the ship, be it fireman, steward or seaman. This could be the case here as well. The closest name I see here is Bonnel; there was Wilfred Bunnell, a plate washer aboard Titanic who was 20. Off hand I can't recall the particulars of his family, or any possibility that he had a brother aboard but I'll have a look (or others out there may have something to add on Mr Bunnell?).
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