Twins on the Titanic

How many sets of twins were on the Titanic


Twins together on the Titanic

  • Carl and Lillian Asplund, aged 5 
  • Kate and Alice Herman, aged 24, were identical twins
  • Petar and Jovic Čalić aged 17 (may have been brothers and may have been twins)

Other people who were Twins

People who were twins who did not travel with their twin

  • Harvey Collyer had an identical twin brother George
  • Charles Osker Hendrickson had a twin sister Anna
  • Erik Johansson had a twin brother Enoch
  • Berthe Leroy had a twin sister Marthe
  • Alfonzo Meo had a twin brother Antonio
  • Charles Alfred Othen had a twin sister Florence
  • Hulda Vestrom had an identical twin sister Johanna Maria, who stayed in Sweden with her parents.
  • Bridget O'Driscoll had a twin brother Timothy
  • Reginald Hale had a twin sister Florence
  • Alfred G. Rowe had a twin sister Agnes
  • Achille Waelens, third class, had a twin brother named Dociel Charles who died in Michigan in 1972.

Twin Connections

People who were not twins themselves but had twin siblings or children.

  • Frederick William Barrett became a father to twins (a boy and a girl) a fortnight before joining the Titanic.
  • Reginald Charles Biddlecombe was the father of boy and girl twins.
  • Kate Buss had sisters who were twins
  • John Joseph Diaper later became the father of twin boys.
  • Johan Ekström had a brother whose twin died at birth
  • William Albert Thomas Hebb later had twin daughters
  • Henry Parkinson Hill had twin daughters
  • Bruce Ismay had twin sisters
  • Cecil Jackson had two sets of twin siblings.
  • John J. Lamb had brothers who were twins
  • Archibald Leader had two sets of twin siblings.
  • Frank Painter had brothers who were twins
  • Jack Phillips had sisters who were twins
  • Adāl Najīb Qiyāmah had brothers who were twins
  • Captain Smith's daughter Helen Melville Smith Russell-Cooke gave birth to twins.
  • John Henry Taylor had a set of twin siblings
  • Wyckoff Van der Hoef had twin sons
  • William Ward one of fifteen children including two sets of twins
  • Chief Officer Henry Wilde had twin sons, both died prematurely

If you know of others let us know.

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