Worcester Titanic Benefit :  Aid for the Widow of Victim

Mrs Asplund and her fatherless children

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Worcester BenefitWorcester May Four — Heartbroken and ill, Mrs Charles Asplund, whose husband and her three sons went down with the Titanic, is to be cared for by Worcester loyal citizens who will give a benefit concert for her at the Worcester Theatre tomorrow night. At this concert will appear many of the most talented people of the city as well as several professional entertainers, including Miss Rose King, who will sell flowers and programs; Mae Ruth Layden, a clever little reader; Miss Catherine Hickel, the youngest violinist in Worcester; miss Mabel Beatrice Dighton, a dramatic reader, and Paul Hultman, pianist.

The proceeds of the concert will be added to the fund collected by a committee of 25 representative citizens, and will be placed in the hands of three prominent trustees, who will look after the woman's needs.

Money has been given the woman by the committee for immediate use, and her board at the home of her sister has been paid for some time in advance until she is able to get on her feet and regains her now broken down health. She has two little children, a boy 2 1/2 years of age and a girl six years old.

The body of Charles Asplund, her husband, was brought to Worcester last night and will be cared for by John Borg, a local undertaker, without charge. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon from the Gethsemane Swedish Lutheran church. The amount collected for the Asplund family so far totals $1031.25 and it is expected that the proceeds of the concert tomorrow night will swell this amount to over $2000.

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