Titanic Lifeboat No. 10

Titanic lifeboat 10, the fourth/fifth/sixth boat to be lowered from the port side. Some claim that No. 10 was the last boat lowered from the port side. Chief Baker Joughin was near this boat and said that he more or less threw people into it. Mrs. Hakkarainen, from third class, may have been the woman who nearly fell into the sea One of the officers pointed at me saying, ‘Room for one more lady. Come on, hurry!’ As I stepped into the boat, it was already moving downward. I lost my balanced (sic), almost falling between the lifeboat and ship until someone in the lifeboat grabbed my arm and pulled me into a seat. On the way down we stopped at a lower deck and picked up one more lady. Our lifeboat did not return to the spot where the Titanic went down. Our lifeboat reached the Carpathia at 7.30 a. m. We were one of the last boats to be picked up. I finally located Anna Sjöblom, who had knocked on my cabin door to awaken me. We had become separated in the rush to the upper deck and had entered separate lifeboats.’ (I’m going to see what has happened, chapter 7, pp. 9-13) trying to get into it.

The youngest survivor, Millvina Dean, was in this boat together with her mother and brother. Her brother was taken care of by Mrs. Thorneycroft who was with them. There were perhaps seven or eight ladies from first class, possibly 15 or more second class passengers, including Mr. Hosono, who jumped into it at the last moment and possibly ten or twelve third class passengers apart from the four crew in it; a total of perhaps 40 people. When they encountered No. 14 and other boats, the two able seamen, Frank Evans and Edward Buley were transferred to No. 14. On the other hand, ten or twelve others were transferred into the boat from No. 14 and No. 10 arrived at the Carpathia with 50 or so, the last boat but one to be rescued.

Lifeboat summary by Peter Engberg

We found 33 people.

Name Age Class/Dept
28 2nd Class Passenger
62 1st Class Passenger
36 2nd Class Passenger
26 Deck Crew
E. Buley
2 m 3rd Class Passenger
E. Dean
1 3rd Class Passenger
32 3rd Class Passenger
8 2nd Class Passenger
34 2nd Class Passenger
27 Deck Crew
F. Evans
60 1st Class Passenger
M. Fortune
24 1st Class Passenger
A. Fortune
23 1st Class Passenger
M. Fortune
28 1st Class Passenger
E. Fortune
51 1st Class Passenger
29 2nd Class Passenger
41 2nd Class Passenger
46 2nd Class Passenger
N. Keane
25 3rd Class Passenger
21 1st Class Passenger
G. Longley
23 3rd Class Passenger
O. Lundin
1 2nd Class Passenger
A. Mallet
24 2nd Class Passenger
18 1st Class Passenger
M. Marvin
22 3rd Class Passenger
32 Engineering Crew
C. Rice
30 2nd Class Passenger
A. Sinkkonen
33 3rd Class Passenger
32 2nd Class Passenger
37 2nd Class Passenger
M. Weisz
33 2nd Class Passenger
4 2nd Class Passenger
10 m 2nd Class Passenger