Mrs Irene Harris (née Wallach)

Irene Harris

Mrs Henry Birkhardt Harris (Irene Wallach), 36, was born 15th June, 1876. A resident of New York City boarded the Titanic at Southampton with her husband Henry Birkhardt Harris. They occupied cabin C-83 (ticket number36973).

Mrs Harris was rescued in Collapsible D. When she boarded the Carpathia she was accommodated in a cabin vacated by the artist Colin Campbell Cooper and his wife Emma. Mr Campbell would later record the rescue in two paintings.

 The Courier News (April 22, 1912)
Courtesy of Arthur Merchant, USA

Mrs Harris discovered after her husband's death that he was broke. After paying off his debts as best she could she attempted to continue his theatrical business. For a time she was successful but by the 1930s was living in comparative poverty. She remarried three times and died on 2nd September, 1969.



Rene Harris Barber passport 1923
Rene Harris 1922 passport
Rene Harris in 1928
MRS HENRY B. HARRIS, Formerly Miss Irene Wallach, of Washington
Rene Harris
Irene Harris

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