Donald Steam Ship Co., Ltd, T. L. Evans, Manager, Chartered to Atlantic Fruit Company.

There were eight Chinese seamen traveling aboard Titanic as third-class passengers. They were intended to join the steamship Annetta, then docked at New York. Six of the Chinese survived. When Carpathia arrived at New York, the six were held overnight aboard her. On the morning of April 19, they were taken by company and immigration officials directly to Annetta, which sailed for Cuba on April 20:

(In 1912):
Port of registry: Bristol
Flag of registry: Great Britain
Funnel: Buff: Small depiction of company flag below black top
Company flag: Red Celtic cross on white field: broad blue border
Signal letters: HK N J
Registration No.: 117,733
Steel hull: ingle screw; 3 watertight bulkheads. electric light, submarine signal: 1 deck, steel; awning deck part steel
Tonnages: gross 1,294; underdeck 1,190; net 740
Dimensions: length 227.2 ft.; width 31.7 ft.; depth 13.6 ft.
Engine: Triple-expansion, 3 Cyl. 21" 34" 56" x 36" stroke; 246 NHP; 12 knots

1906 : Built by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Newcastle; yard no. 787.   Built for the Donald Steam Ship Co., Ltd., 72 Queen Square, Bristol; 18 Broadway, New York, USA.
Built specifically for charter to the United Fruit Co., but delivered on completion to Atlantic Fruit Co. on charter. It appears likely that she never ran for the Donald Line, though owned by them until 1916.

Feb 1916 : Sold to Phillip de Ronde. Transferred to Canadian registry. Ran for Great Lakes Transportation Company.

1919: Sold to the Atlantic Fruit Company; also some charters to United Fruit.

1930 : Sold to Newbolt Company, New York.

1933 : Sold to Townsend Petroleum for use as oil hulk.

1934 : Laid up at New York. Ownership: Mathieson Steamship Co. Later abandoned and dropped from U. S. Shipping Register.


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This item first appeared in Voyage, Journal of the Titanic International Society. Photo: SS Annetta, AH/61/1/959, Swan Hunter Collection, Archives, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums. Published by permission.

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