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Titanic Survivors' Untimely Deaths

The tragic stories of Titanic survivors who died prematurely...


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The tragic stories of Titanic survivors who died prematurely...

The Titanic disaster brought a premature end to 1500 lives but some of the survivors would also die long before their time; whether through war, illness, fire, road traffic accidents or suicide. Here are some of their stories. (See also List of survivors that died young and first Titanic survivors to die).


Mary Nakid
Died from meningitis three months after the sinking aged 1.

Eugenie al-Ba'qlīnī
Died from meningitis three months after the sinking aged 3.

Archibald Gracie
Died a few months after the sinking, partially from the effects of his ordeal.


Reginald Robinson Lee
The lookout who with Fred Fleet sighted the iceberg died little more than a year later...


John Anderson
Escaped from an Whitchurch Mental Hospital where he was being treated. The press reported he had drowned but other accounts suggest he was rescued and returned to the hospital.

Eliza Hocking
Found dead in the street, probably as a result of a hit-and-run car accident.

Annie Robinson
Jumped overboard while a passenger on the Devonian.

William Henry Taylor
Crushed in an accident at Southampton docks.

Mary Joseph (Yusuf)
Died from burns sustained in a fire at her home, aged 4.


James Avery
Suffered a stroke at work leading to his death at age 24.

Frederick Willaim Scott
Died in a boiler explosion aboard the SS La Marguerite.

Robert Douglas Spedden
Hit by a car near his family holiday home, aged 9.

Kātrīn Yūsuf
Mother of Mary (above), aged 26, 3 months after giving birth to a daughter.


Charlotte Collyer, George Combes and Wilfred Foley
Died from tuberculosis.

Helen Bishop
Died from epilepsy brought on by a car accident, aged 23.


Edward Buley
Died aboard HMS Partridge

Archie Jewell
Died in the sinking of the SS Donegal, torpedoed in the English Channel.

Nellie O'Dwyer
Died owing to pre-ecalmpsia and kidney probems during pregnancy.

Joey Thompson
Though not a survivor of the sinking, Painter Joey Thompson disembarked at Southampton after the delivery trip - the only member of the Harland and Wolff Guarantee group to do so. Killed in an industrial accident at the firm's Bootle Works.


Daniel Buckley
Killed in action toward the end of World War One.

Anna Demessemaeker
Anna never recovered from the shock of the disaster. She died in an asylum aged 42.

Reginald Hardwick
Died in the battlefields.

John Kennedy
Anthrax poisoning, probably from an infected shaving brush.

James McGann
Supposedly died in 1918 aged 35. Circumstances unknown

Hannah O'Brien
Died in the influenza epidemic.

Robert Pusey
Died aboard HMS Dirk.


Washington Dodge
Shot himself in the elevator of his apartment building due to business and investment problems.


Allen Baggott
Died from convulsions possibly related to a chronic alcohol problem.

Arthur Lucas
Shot himself on a train.

Suzette Ryerson
Following surgery for appendicitis developed ether pneumonia and died from heart failure aged 30.


Charles Hallace Romaine
Killed after being hit by a taxi cab.

Christopher Arthur Shulver
Killed in a coal bunker explosion aboard the Adriatic.

Alfred White
Died while queuing at a Southampton bank


Alice Phillips died from influenza aged 31.


Adāl Najīb Qiyāmah
Died of cancer aged 27.


Oscar Leander Johansson Palmquist
Murdered by the partner of his mistress.

Ruth Taussig
Typhoid fever.


Edward Brown's family believe that the Titanic disaster had an adverse effect on his health and this contributed to his early death, aged 48, in June 1926.


Henry William Frauenthal
Jumped from his apartment balcony after months of depression partially resulting from the mental illness of his wife.

Juha Niskanen
Set his cabin on fire and then shot himself in the head in a fit of depression over failure to strike gold on his property in California.


Trevor Allison
Died from effects of ptomaine poisoning aged 18.


Jessie Trout
Killed in a car accident.


Assad Thomas
From pneumonia, aged 20.


Albert Haines
Hit by a car while crossing the road.

Joan Wells
Died from sepsis, aged 25.


Frederick Sheath
Had battled asthma all his life and passed away aged 42.


Frank Osman hanged himself in his pub cellar.


George Terrill Thresher
Died when the SS Parkhill was torpedoed off the coast of Aberdeen.

Helene Barbara al-Ba'qlīnī
Died of cancer aged 29.


Madeleine Astor
Died at the age of 47, officially of heart disease but it is speculated, due to an overdose of prescription drugs.

James Forward
Believed lost overboard from the SS Aronna off the coast of Australia (1940)

Edgar Lionel Perry
Killed in a Southampton pub during the blitz.


John Collins
Died in a psychiatric hospital from the effects of syphilis


George Brereton
Shot himself.


Natalie Wick
Died due to complications from routine surgery.


Jack Thayer
Slit his own throat and wrists due to depression over the loss of his son during World War II.


John Morgan Davis
Poisoned himself during the Christmas holidays after his wife left him.


Phyllis May Quick
Shot herself in the head at a time of marital problems.


Edith Pears
Committed suicide by drinking bleach.

Hilder Hirvonen
Died of cancer aged 46


Agnes McCoy
Officially recorded as a heart attack, numerous bruises were found on her neck and face. It is possible she died during a burglary of her apartment.


Mabel Martin
Died in a motorcycling accident.


Frederick Fleet
Hanged himself from a clothes-line. He had been suffering from depression following the death of his wife Eva and being evicted from his home by her brother.

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  1. Iain Stuart Yardley Iain Stuart Yardley

    Morning everyone, This subject has more than likely been brought up in another thread so I apologise beforehand if I'm going over old ground. I recently read a book about a British passenger ship which was torpedoed during WW2 and the survivors were eventually rescued from their lifeboats, sometimes weeks later. One of the survivors was returning to Britain aboard a troop ship because of his injuries and in turn that ship was torpedoed, sank and all aboard were killed. This made me think about which survivors of the Titanic died prematurely, that is who went beofre their time - accidents, violence etc. Much has been written about Washington Dodge and Jack Thayer etc but what about the lesser known tragedies involving the others? A few come to mind - Mary Peter (fire) Eugenie Baclini (meningitis 4 months after Titanic) the McCoy sister (killed during a burglary) Helen Bishop (car

  2. Inger Sheil

    Archie Jewell has always struck me as one of the more poignant cases. Having survived the Titanic, he was lost when the hospital ship Donegal was sunk during WWI - the story is in his bio on the site. I often walk past the Merchant Seamen's Memorial near the Tower, and if anyone is visiting London and we're visiting that wonderful part of the city I'll take a moment to point out Jewell's name on the memorial.

  3. Phillip Gowan

    As best as I've been able to track, at least 48 of the 712 Titanic survivors died prior to April 15, 1922, the 10 year anniversary. Other than the ones mentioned above, there was John Kennedy who died of Anthrax poisoning, Hannah O'Brien and one other who died in the influenza epidemic, several who died during World War I, some who succumbed to common diseases even though they were fairly young, and several whose natural lifespans just came to an end. And in that short period the deaths of those survivors were spread out all over the world--as far away as Mrs. Hewlett in Naini Tal, India, another on the island of Malta, one in Syria, and of course in various places in America and Europe. There were of course the suicides (amply covered in other threads) and I think I'm counting a total of 14 or 15 of them now. Hangings, shootings, throat-slashings, and even one who drank bleach. Regarding Iain's mention of Agnes McCoy--there is no proof she was murdered and she died in 1957

  4. Colleen Collier Colleen Collier

    HI "Boz". "And then there are those that died of illness shortly after the Titanic at a fairly young age -". Trevor Allison.(ptomaine) A few others that I can remember offhand. Ruth Tassig (typhoid fever 1925) Mary Nakid (meningitis 1912), and several died from TB. Very sad indeed. Colleen

  5. Tarn Stephanos Tarn Stephanos

    The rotund Mr Frauenthal jumped out of a window, falling to his death... regards Tarn Stephanos

  6. Reece Ewington Reece Ewington

    >dont feget the fact that fredrick fleet killed himself. in 1965 despondent >over his finances and the recent loss of life fleet took his own. sad hah from reece ewington (17 m melbourne australia)

  7. Kate Bortner

    And there's my relative Jessie Trout (later Bortner) who died in a car accident in 1930.

  8. Dave Hudson Dave Hudson

    Then of course there's Col. Gracie who died in the fall of 1912.

  9. Stefan Christiansson Stefan Christiansson

    Kate: Did your relative give her account on the sinking? I noticed there is not much information in the bio's. Would you like to share some stories with us? I understand if you think of it as a private nature.

  10. Iain Stuart Yardley Iain Stuart Yardley

    Apparently, death rates amongst the survivors of the Titanic were no different to the general population. http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2003-12/bmj-tsl121703.php Cheers, Boz

  11. Jeremy Lee Jeremy Lee

    From the book Ghosts of the Titanic by C. Pellegrino, he quotes that a higher than normal proportion of Titanic survivors live to over a 100. Any opinions?

  12. Michael H. Standart

    With all due respect to Charlie Pellegrino, I'd like to see the statistical evidence to back that up. Unfortunately, he's not a qualified statistician so he may be getting his signals crossed. The proposition is iffy at best. You might want to check out This Article which Phil Hind posted a link to.

  13. John Clifford

    I also think of both Phyllis Quick and Jack Thayer, Jr., both of whom committed suicide.

  14. Jeremy Lee Jeremy Lee

    Thanks for the link Michael. BTW, it also seems that quite a number of survivors committed suicide.

  15. Michael H. Standart

    >>BTW, it also seems that quite a number of survivors committed suicide.

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